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Winterize your Home – Hallmark Homes 3 Suggestions

The forecast for the Boise area looks pretty cold for the next week.  Looks like winter is finally here. In that light, we at Hallmark Homes , your premier home builder in the Boise area, would like to share a few things that you can do to winterize your home. These are things that are simple and most of them don’t require a professional to complete. Though they are not difficult, there simple steps could help save costly repairs in the spring.

hallmark homes weather forcast

1. Close Foundation vents – All of our homes are built by hanging the joists that support the floor of the home. Below the joists is an area known as the crawl space (very aptly named). Plumbers, HVAC professionals, electricians and others use this are to run their pipes and ducts and wires. Most of time this space is not conditioned (meaning that it is not insulated and that air from outside the house comes through the vents). Because of this, it is a good idea to close your foundation vents once the temperature is consistently below freezing. This blocks most of the cold air from getting into the crawlspace and prevents the plumbing pipes from freezing and breaking.

open foundation vent hallmark homesclosed foundation vent hallmark homes

2. Disconnect garden hoses from hose bibs outside – We receive at least one call every spring from someone who has a leaky hose bib outside. Almost always we find that the homeowner forgot or neglected to disconnect their garden hose during the winter. The water that was left in the hose freezes and bursts the pipe. Then in the spring, the water thaws leaving a hole in the pipe. When the homeowner uses the hose for the first time in the spring, water comes from the goes through the hole in the pipe and into the crawl space. Or if your home was not built by Hallmark Homes, the water might flow inside your walls and onto your floor and cause severe damage. (As a side note, that is why Hallmark Homes puts the pipes for the hose bibs below the joists, so if there is a problem, the water won’t ruin your walls and floor.


Frozen Hose Bib

frozen hose bib hallmark homesfrozen hose bib hallmark homes

3. Blow out sprinklers/turn off sprinkler clock – Your sprinkler system needs to be maintained. As part of this maintenance, you should have a professional blow out the sprinklers. This starts at around $45 depending on the size of your system. To blow out the sprinklers a large air compressor is connected to your system through an air hose. The valves are then turned on one by one and the compressed air pushes all of the excess water out of the system. This is done so that the water doesn’t freeze during the winter destroying your sprinkler pipes and causing costly repairs in the spring.

timer hallmark homesSprinkler-blowout hallmark homesblowout hallmark homes

These three things may seem minor, but they can prevent major headaches when spring rolls back around. If you have questions about this or have any other home maintenance questions, please email us at

****Did you know that Hallmark Homes’ model home in Paramount Subdivision has moved? We are now located at 5044 N. Clooney Ave. closer to the high school and closer to the new phase (phase #26). Construction has begun in this new phase and Hallmark Homes still has a few lots available. Come by and see us!****

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