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Record Snowfall and Cold in Boise Area

This winter weather is unlike any we have had in years.  The 10 inches of snow on the ground in the valley ties as the most snow on the grounds since Dec. 1985 (  That was before Hallmark Homes was even in business!

As a custom home builder in the valley, have received a few phone calls and e-mails in the past couple of days regarding ice dams.  The abnormal amount of snow that we have received, combined with the below average temperatures, mixed in with the occasional sunshine are a perfect recipe for an ice dam to form.

Ice dams form when the outside temperature is below freezing, the roof deck temperature is above freezing, and there is snow on the roof.

The occasional sunshine will warm the shingles and the roof deck even when the air temperature is below freezing.  This causes  the snow on top of the roof deck to melt, this water runs down to the edge of the roof where the water freezes leading to a buildup of ice and a backup of water, hence the term “dam”.

Here are a few ideas to get rid of ice dams that have formed.

1. Remove the ice dam by breaking it free in small chucks. DO NOT use an ax or other sharp tool! You’ll cut through the shingles. Instead, tap lightly with a blunt mallet. This is slow, dangerous work, so hire someone experienced at roofing. Even if you do it safely, the chunks of ice can take pieces of shingle with them, so be aware that this might not be a good solution.

As a side note: Another thing that helps is to pull down the snow using a roof rake

2. Clear out gutters and downspouts. Again, this is ladder work and an easy way to damage either plastic or metal gutters or spouts. It’s also a good idea to knock down any icicles that may have formed that could fall and hurt someone or damage something on the ground.

3. BEST METHOD IS TO JUST WAIT! — Patience protects your gutters

In fact, once your gutters are frozen solid, your best bet may be to wait it out.

The only time it would be advised to try to touch an ice dam is if it’s going into the shingles and dripping into the house.  Trying to break it up is dangerous, and you can damage the gutters.

When building your new home, we add an underlayment which provides adequate protection to the sheathing that the shingles are nailed to.  So, even if an ice dam looks bad from the ground, unless it’s dripping inside the house, there is no reason to try to take down the dam.

Waiting it out is the best way to deal with an ice dam that has formed.

The good news is that there is some warmer weather in the forecast.  That mixed with the rain that is coming should take care of these winter weather issues.


To permanently prevent future freezes, our gutter contractor recommends, installing a heating panel system, in which wires or heating elements run the length of the gutter and downspout that warm the metal and prevent ice buildup.  That’s the only 100 percent way to ensure it’ll never happen again.

Please consult a professional installer to add this type of system to your house.

A quick search on the internet will point you to several companies that install such systems.  But, again, it hasn’t snowed like this in the Boise area for more than 30 years, so this type of system might not have the best return on investment.

The good news is that warmer temperatures are around the corner and that Bogus Basin and surrounding ski resorts are getting lots and lots of powder!  If you don’t see us at the job sites this week, you’ll know that we are probably up in the mountains taking advantage of the white stuff!

Tamarack Resort

Bogus Basin




3D Walkthrough Tour of The Cambridge Model by Custom Home Builder, Hallmark Homes

3D Walkthrough Tour of The Cambridge Model by Custom Home Builder, Hallmark Homes


We are really excited about something new we tried with one of our latest floor plans, The Cambridge. This home is located in the Paramount Subdivision in Meridian, Idaho. It is an extremely classy looking single level home with 3 bedrooms plus a flex room that can be used as a 4th bedroom, office, playroom, etc.  This home also features an open great room with a large kitchen, nook and family room.

1.   5012 Clooney Front (1)


7.  Living Area 1

6. Clooney Great Room 2 (1)


Although this home is already sold, you can take a virtual 3D tour via your computer or smart device.  Check out the link below:


Just click on the 3D Showcase button for it to load.  Once loaded you can actually “walk” through the house by clicking on the “view inside” icon in the bottom left hand corner.  You can then navigate throughout the home and pan your view 360 degrees from each location.

We, at Hallmark Homes, love being your premier custom home builder in Boise, Idaho.  We have several of our “standard floor plans” that you can choose from that we have designed ourselves, but we also love to help our clients custom design their own new homes so they get exactly what they want.  If you would like more information on this model or any of our other homes, please visit us at  Oh, and be sure to check out all of our “move-in ready” new homes in Meridian, Idaho!

Thanks for reading!


Condensation appearing on your windows? Don’t blame the windows, Boise Home Builder Explains

Window Condensation: Causes and Remedies

At Hallmark Homes, we build our homes air-tight!  This can cause situations that some homeowners may not have experienced before.  With the cold weather coming on, we would like to share some information about a question that one of our homeowners had recently.



condensation on windows

Water or frost on windows is condensation. Condensation is formed when warm moist air comes in contact with cooler dry air just as a bathroom mirror will “steam up” after a hot shower. The inside or outside of your window can sweat or fog because of temperature differentials.


Faulty windows do not cause condensation. Glass is usually the place you first notice condensation because glass surfaces have the lowest temperature of any of the interior surfaces in the house.  See more about the windows that Hallmark Homes uses in all of their homes by clicking here.



The moisture in the air causes condensation. The reason you may observe more condensation in your home is because of modern energy efficient homebuilding techniques and products.
The insulation and construction materials used today are designed to keep cold air outside. This is especially true of new windows. While energy efficient designs and weather stripping keep cold air outside, they also keep warm moist air inside. Older window designs were less efficient, and consequently allowed moisture to escape.

If you didn’t have as much condensation before replacing your old windows, it’s probably because they were drafty. Good windows and insulation all create barriers to the air exchange of a home. When combined with the additional water vapor (moisture) from showers, cooking, or from clothes dryers not vented to the outside, the result is excess moisture and a high relative indoor humidity level.

The key lies in controlling the humidity inside your home. First, let’s understand where the moisture comes from. During the hot humid summer, your house absorbs moisture. The same principle applies to a newly constructed or remodeled home, due to the abundance of moisture from the building materials used in construction.

During the beginning of the winter when you start to heat your home, condensation occurs. After a few weeks, your home will begin to dry out and you’ll see less condensation. Opening a window briefly is a quick temporary solution. The dryer cold air will enter the room while the moist air is allowed to escape.

Other steps to take include:
• Cracking open a window or door daily to air out your house.
• Opening a window or running exhaust fans longer in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room.
• Opening drapes and blinds, allowing air to circulate against windows.
• Turning off any humidifying devices in your home.
• Installing and using a dehumidifier.
If you live in a northern climate, the above as well as the following points may be relevant.

Window condensation should only occur during extreme temperature differences and should be of a fairly small amount. During the winter months, condensation will be seen on the inside of the window. Condensation will present itself on the outside of the window during the summer months.

If you find condensation between the two layers of glass in an insulated window, the airtight seal has probably been broken and the glass will need to be replaced.
If there is too much moisture inside the home, you will find evidence during both the cold and warm seasons. Moisture spots on the ceiling or walls, peeling paint, rotting wood or de-laminating plywood, moisture on exterior walls, fungus, mold or mildew growth are signs of a more serious moisture problem.

Should you experience these symptoms, an expert heating & cooling contractor should be contacted in order to solve your problem.

If you have any other questions like these, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at   And remember to come visit us at our decorated models at 5044 N. Clooney Ave. in Paramount Subdivision, in Meridian.  You can see all of our listings by clicking here.

Hallmark Homes Adds Another New Model to Their Lineup

Hallmark Homes has recently finished the design of, and started construction on a brand new model.  We are very excited to introduce The Aspen!

2327 Rendering - Aspen

Aspen Main Floor

Aspen Bonus Room

The Aspen is a unique design with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths on the main level and a large flex room with a full bath on the 2nd level.  The main level has a large kitchen that is open to the great room.  Other features include:

  • A huge 4+ car garage

  • Lots of big storage closets throughout the house

  • Huge covered back patio area

  • Upgraded finish work, lots of tile, hardwood and granite that are all standard in all Hallmark Homes’ homes.

  • AFUE YORK 95% efficient gas furnace

  • Price as low as $252,900 (not including lot)

We currently have this home under construction at 1262 W. Laughton Drive, in the Paramount Subdivision in Meridian Idaho.  If you’d like more information on this home or any of our other currently available homes, you can visit our website at or visit our staged model home, open daily at 5044 N. Clooney Ave., Meridian, ID 83646.

Thank you for visiting our blog.  If you have any questions or would like any more information about our company, please feel free to contact us.





Winterize your Home – Hallmark Homes 3 Suggestions

The forecast for the Boise area looks pretty cold for the next week.  Looks like winter is finally here. In that light, we at Hallmark Homes , your premier home builder in the Boise area, would like to share a few things that you can do to winterize your home. These are things that are simple and most of them don’t require a professional to complete. Though they are not difficult, there simple steps could help save costly repairs in the spring.

hallmark homes weather forcast

1. Close Foundation vents – All of our homes are built by hanging the joists that support the floor of the home. Below the joists is an area known as the crawl space (very aptly named). Plumbers, HVAC professionals, electricians and others use this are to run their pipes and ducts and wires. Most of time this space is not conditioned (meaning that it is not insulated and that air from outside the house comes through the vents). Because of this, it is a good idea to close your foundation vents once the temperature is consistently below freezing. This blocks most of the cold air from getting into the crawlspace and prevents the plumbing pipes from freezing and breaking.

open foundation vent hallmark homesclosed foundation vent hallmark homes

2. Disconnect garden hoses from hose bibs outside – We receive at least one call every spring from someone who has a leaky hose bib outside. Almost always we find that the homeowner forgot or neglected to disconnect their garden hose during the winter. The water that was left in the hose freezes and bursts the pipe. Then in the spring, the water thaws leaving a hole in the pipe. When the homeowner uses the hose for the first time in the spring, water comes from the goes through the hole in the pipe and into the crawl space. Or if your home was not built by Hallmark Homes, the water might flow inside your walls and onto your floor and cause severe damage. (As a side note, that is why Hallmark Homes puts the pipes for the hose bibs below the joists, so if there is a problem, the water won’t ruin your walls and floor.


Frozen Hose Bib

frozen hose bib hallmark homesfrozen hose bib hallmark homes

3. Blow out sprinklers/turn off sprinkler clock – Your sprinkler system needs to be maintained. As part of this maintenance, you should have a professional blow out the sprinklers. This starts at around $45 depending on the size of your system. To blow out the sprinklers a large air compressor is connected to your system through an air hose. The valves are then turned on one by one and the compressed air pushes all of the excess water out of the system. This is done so that the water doesn’t freeze during the winter destroying your sprinkler pipes and causing costly repairs in the spring.

timer hallmark homesSprinkler-blowout hallmark homesblowout hallmark homes

These three things may seem minor, but they can prevent major headaches when spring rolls back around. If you have questions about this or have any other home maintenance questions, please email us at

****Did you know that Hallmark Homes’ model home in Paramount Subdivision has moved? We are now located at 5044 N. Clooney Ave. closer to the high school and closer to the new phase (phase #26). Construction has begun in this new phase and Hallmark Homes still has a few lots available. Come by and see us!****

new model home

Hallmark Homes joins in the fun of Halloween!

We at Hallmark Homes enjoy this time of year, when the air turns crisp and the leaves begin to fall.  With Fall in the air, you know that Halloween is just around the corner.  It’s a holiday that is enjoyed by young and old alike.

Did you know that Halloween or Hallowe’en (/ˌhæləˈwiːn, -oʊˈiːn, ˌhɑːl-/; a contraction of “All Hallows’ Evening”), also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. It initiates the triduum of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers. Within Allhallowtide, the traditional focus of All Hallows’ Eve revolves around the theme of using “humor and ridicule to confront the power of death.”*

Obviously Halloween has evolved from its beginnings, but some elements still remain. Here in Idaho, you will see decorations inside and outside of homes, Neighbors sharing treats, and on Halloween night lots of little ghosts and goblins in many neighborhoods running around from home to home yelling “Trick or Treat!” It’s a fun time of year.

Several of our home owners in Paramount Subdivision in Meridian, ID have decorated their homes. They did such a great job that Hallmark Homes, your premier Idaho home builder in Idaho wanted to share some photos of their homes with you.  These are only a few of the great decorated homes in Paramount.  Come see all of them and visit our new model home on Clooney Ave.  For directions to our NEW model home, click here.

Hallmark Homes Halloween Hallmark Homes Halloween Hallmark Homes Halloween Hallmark Homes Halloween
Hallmark Homes HalloweenHallmark Homes Halloween Hallmark Homes Halloween



What our homeowners say about Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes happy Homeowners

At Hallmark Homes, we take great pride in making sure that our homeowners are happy.  From the unique approach that we take on our selections process to the extraordinary craftsmanship of our partners, everything pointing to an enjoyable experience for our homeowners and a home that they can be proud of.  Even after the home is complete and we hand the homeowner the keys, we stay in touch with the homeowner to make sure that everything is as expected.  We really want homeowners for life.

Hallmark Homes happy homeowners

That last paragraph sounds like we are tooting our own horn a bit.  That’s not the point of this blogpost at all.  In fact, we realize that it’s easy to say all kinds of nice things about yourself.  But what really counts to us is what our homeowners say about us.  It’s our commitment to our homeowners that makes Hallmark Homes one of the premier custom home builders in the Boise area.

Hallmark Homes happy homeowners

Posted below are some of the comments that we have received from our happy homeowners.  :

We purchased a home in Paramount subdivision in Meridian, Idaho in April 2014. We had an opportunity to watch the progress as the house was being constructed and add our input to finishes, colors, flooring, appliances, and upgrades that we wanted incorporated in the house. It was very convenient to do this on a website that was provided specifically for our house by the builder. I thought this was a fast convenient way to communicate with the builder so there were no errors. We are very happy with the completed product. It is a great single story floor plan on a spacious corner lot. The house is well constructed, in an excellent subdivision, with great schools an amenities close by. The finished house has terrific curb appeal and is a very enjoyable house in which to live. There are always a few things that need to be tweaked and Hallmark Homes and Brandon (superintendent) have been very accommodating to any follow up requests. I would gladly recommend Hallmark Homes to anyone considering purchasing a home in Idaho.
~ Kevin & Cary Wells

This is the second home that I have had built but the first one where I actually enjoyed working with the builder. Brad is great to work with. He keeps you up to speed on how the project is going and is always happy to be flexible and able to prevent surprises, including financial. He had no problem keeping us on track with the budget and helped us to make decisions that would work best for our needs. His subcontractors are all excellent craftsman and friendly individuals. Larry (tile) assisted us in making tile decisions when our first choice looked bad. His opinion helped us to feel more comfortable with our fix before it became more permanent. The painter prevented us from making a big mistake by combining two colors that would have looked horrid together by making sure we understood our combination before the paint was purchased. We have just celebrated our one year anniversary in our new home. Our warranty list was small and minor (unlike our last home) but Brad and Brandon were on it and resolved the items rapidly and with excellent results. I can’t say enough good things about Brad and his team. There is still integrity in the field of builders. Thank you Hallmark, we love our home! The Cecil Family Forgot to mention that Brad and his team were finished nearly a month ahead of schedule on a winter build.

~ Devin Cecil

Working with Hallmark Homes to build our home was a wonderful experience. Brad and his team were amazing to work with. They were professional, personable and very responsive to our needs and questions along the way. Our house is beautiful and we plan to live there for a very long time. Building a home is, at times, a very stressful endeavor. However, whenever we had questions or wanted to address something regarding our house, Brad and his team were there to talk us through the process. If we needed to meet at the house to discuss something, either Brad or his Foreman would meet us there (usually the same day). Although I know ours wasn’t the only house they were building, it always felt like we were their top priority. One of the things that really helped make the process enjoyable was the attitude of the contractors. Every time that we went to the house to see how things were coming along, if someone was working they were always friendly. If we had questions, they were always happy to answer them. We never felt that we were getting in the way, even though I’m sure sometimes we were. Another thing that made an impression on me was the cleanliness of the worksite. No matter what the stage in the building process, the site was always in order. We walked through a lot of other houses being built in our neighborhood, and the pride that the entire Hallmark team took in their work was very evident. Our house was completed on schedule (in fact it was completed a little early). And the service after we closed has been outstanding. The few times that we have had to call them regarding minor issues they have been very responsive. It still feels like we are a top priority. I would absolutely recommend Hallmark Homes to anyone looking to build a home.

~ Brian Evans

I had hear horror stories of building a new home and all the problems that come with it. Hallmark Homes proved them all to be rumors (at least in their case). They were very transparent during the build process and communicated with me closely to make sure my dream home was being built to my satisfaction. If I had a change or questions they responded quickly and provided me with informative choices to make my home fit my needs. There were no surprises in what finishes or materials they provided. When you walk through their model homes, what you see is what you will get. I couldn’t be happier and have enjoyed working with Hallmark Homes and all associated with them.

~ Judy Roberts

When I moved to Idaho I had such a hard time finding a move-in ready home and I didn’t want to build; that is until I walked into a Hallmark Home. Thirty minutes later I was signing papers. The floor plan is unique, stylish and functional. There is attention to detail and a selection list of great choices. Five months later I am enjoying my new home and neighborhood; and so glad I made the decision to build with Hallmark.

~ Claudia Bale

Outstanding Builder! My family and I recently moved from Southern California to escape the craziness! We fell in love with the single story “Hallmark” model from Hallmark Homes as soon as we walked through the door! The attention to detail and all of the INCLUDED UPGRADES are what makes Hallmark Homes #1 in our book. We love the luxurious look and feel that Brad has designed. Our friends and family compliment us on our new home every time they visit. Brad and his team made it easy to successfully build our dream home from afar. The online system he uses for making custom selections, confirming dates and prices, and most importantly communicating was easy to use and helped us stay on track for selection deadlines. My In-Laws also built a home but with another builder in the area and I have to say, their experience was much different. Everyone on the Hallmark team was very flexible with meeting dates, closing walk-troughs, etc. This made things a lot easier when trying to coordinate from over 800 miles away. Brad and his team at Hallmark Homes consistently exceed our expectations! They not only built us a new house, but have created a home for our family to make wonderful memories for years to come.

~ Jason Laase


I would highly recommend Hallmark Homes to anyone ready to embrace the adventure of building a new home. Brad and his team were friendly, professional and hard working. They built a beautiful, high quality home for our family and it was a joy to communicate and work with them throughout the process.
~ Melanie Smith


For anyone looking for a smooth and amazing experience in the home building process contact Hallmark Homes. My family and I just finished building our new house from Hallmark Homes. Brad and the rest of the staff are some of the best people I’ve worked with. Their vendors are professional and easy to deal with, and the results are amazing. Building a home with Hallmark Homes was one of the best decisions we have made.

We can’t thank Brad and Hallmark Homes enough, we absolutely love our new house. Thank you Brad!

~ Matt Stevens


My husband and I recently purchased a Hallmark Home. We are so thrilled to be living in this beautiful and well crafted home. Brad Dildine and his team of sub contractors have built a home that is suited for the comfort and livability of the family. The molding and wainscoting is beautiful and certainly adds to the charm of the home. not only has Hallmark built us a lovely home but they stand by their product and are Johnny on the spot to fix any needs or repairs. To me that shows great integrity on the part of Hallmark Homes and its owner, Brad Dildine. If you are searching for a builder then I highly recommend Hallmark Homes.


~ Robert and patty Alexander


Hallmark Homes Enjoys Another Incredible Idaho Summer!

There are so many beautiful places to see and so many fun things to do in Idaho during the summer. Many of them are less than a 2 hour drive from the Boise area. As we are coming to the end of another incredible Idaho summer, I thought I’d share some of our favorite things to do.

There are many lakes in and around the Boise area that are great for boating! Wakeboarding, surfing and tubing are some of my family’s favorite things to do on the lake.





There seem to be limitless trails in and around the Boise area for hiking. There are hundreds of high mountain lakes and streams to hike to that provide incredible fishing and camping spots!






There are hundreds of spectacular mountain biking trails within an hour or two of Boise. There are also hundreds of miles of green belt and Ridge to Rivers trails right in the Treasure Valley – So close that you can head up right after work and get in an awesome ride!

photos from a Western Spirit bike tour in the mountains around Stanley, Idaho



Idaho provides some of the best white water rafting anywhere! From first class, full guided trips to leisurely afternoon trips down the Payette River, Salmon River, and Boise River. It is a lot of fun and you see some incredibly gorgeous country!





If you are considering a move to the Boise, Idaho area, please contact your preferred Idaho custom home builder, Hallmark Homes, for more information on moving to this great state and/or for information on building your next dream home! Also, feel free to visit our website at for more information on our company and to see our current available inventory. Thanks for reading!

Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, great outdoor activity

Boise is a pretty amazing place to live.  That’s why we at Hallmark Homes love building homes here.  We have mountains, trees, and water.  Something else that we have here that not many people may know about is the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.  This wonderful event just ended this past weekend in downtown Boise at Ann Morrison Park.    For those that might not be familiar the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, here’s a rundown on what you missed (so that you can be prepared for next year!)   August 27 – The first inflation of the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic started  at 7:10 A.M. The activity was dubbed the Balloon Classic “Kids Day”. Children of all ages were invited for an up-close look at the balloons and an opportunity to go for a short tethered lift. About 15 balloons.Balloon LaunchLight em UP! August 28 – Balloon launch.   2014 Balloon Classic Media Day # 2. About 20 balloons. Balloon LaunchBoise State University Broncos Balloon August 29 – Thanks was shown to those who make the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic possible. Sponsors were taken up in the balloons on the morning of Friday, August 29th at 7:10 AM. About  50 balloons at this launch from beautiful Ann Morrison Park. Friday evening, was the Nite Glow, a line of balloons, inflated at dusk (approximately 8:30) and glowing like 100-foot tall lanterns. There was great food available, a variety of family activities, and live music.  If you have never seen this event, you should really check it out.  There is a video here: Night Glow August 30 – The weather did not cooperate this year and the launch was scrapped.  (The weather doesn’t always cooperate) August 31 – This flight was the last scheduled inflation and launch of the 2014 Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. Pilots perform (weather permitting) “The Great Launch” at 7:10 AM with all fifty (50) balloons lifting off in an approximate two minute window. The Great Launch requires perfect weather so cross your fingers. If the weather cooperates, this is one of the most remarkable things you will ever see (and) the absolute “photo moment” in the history of the event. Balloon LaunchBalloon Launch The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is just one of the many activities that we really enjoy here in the Boise Area.  We look forward to this great event and the other wonderful activities that Boise has to offer.* If you haven’t come to Paramount Subdivision lately, you should.  Phase 24 of Paramount is now open for construction and things are moving fast.  There are several foundations in the ground and a few homes that are almost completely framed up. As always, your Premier Builder in the Boise Idaho area, Hallmark Homes , would like to invite you to visit our model home in the Paramount Subdivision at 6055 N. Fox Run Way.  We would love see you!

* This content originally posted at

The Cambridge Model

The new “Cambridge” Model by Boise Idaho Builder, Hallmark Homes

We’d like to share a post about our newest model that we call the “Cambridge”.  We just finished building this for the first time and it is now available for purchase in the popular Paramount Subdivision in Meridian, Idaho.  We’d like to highlight a few of the great features of this home in this blog post.


This beautiful home has great curb appeal, featuring attractive stone work and excellent sight lines.


The Cambridge

The spacious entry has beautiful hardwood floors with custom woodwork

20140721_154544 20140721_154507

We designed the living area to be an open welcoming space perfect for family gatherings or entertaining friends.

20140721_154439 20140721_154131

The kitchen is over-sized with a double oven and a gas cook top.  Plenty of cabinet space with beautiful granite counter tops and large island topped with quartz.

20140721_154158 20140721_154124


The utility room is one of this model’s best features.  It is gigantic and has lots  of storage and counter space.

20140721_154015 20140721_154022

The master bathroom features a full tile walk-in shower and an over-sized vanity with lots of storage and counter space.

20140721_154828 20140721_154849 20140721_154928 20140721_154911

The guest bath is also stunning with beautiful tile floors and counter tops.

 20140721_154644 20140721_154626

Finally, the powder bath features granite counters tops, bead board wainscot and tile floors and back splash.


The mud room is a great space for family members and guests to store their backpacks and gear, it comes equipped with built in lockers a custom bench with cubbies, a coat closet and an electronics charging station.


These are just some of the highlights of our “Cambridge” model.  We have many other available homes with unique features that you can view on our website at or view in person at our staged models in Paramount Subdivision in Meridian, Idaho.  Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about your preferred Boise, Idaho home builder.

Boise Idaho New Home Builder, Hallmark Homes, Introduces The Newest Phase in Paramount Subdivision in Meridian Idaho

Boise Idaho New Home Builder, Hallmark Homes, Introduces The Newest Phase in Paramount Subdivision in Meridian Idaho

Boise Idaho New Home Builder, Hallmark Homes

Paramount Subdivision, Meridian Idaho


The newest phase in Paramount subdivision will soon be ready for building.  We have pre-sold several of our lots and only have a few remaining.  If you are looking for a new home in a fantastic community, we urge you to check out some of our homes in Paramount Subdivision. We have multiple staged model homes available for tour.  We also have a very helpful sales staff that can answer any questions you may have as well as show you all of the completed homes and home sites that we have available.


Here is a list of just a few of the highlights of this beautiful community:

  • Several parks and walking paths throughout the community.

  • 3 community swimming pools.

  • Beautiful clubhouse with exercise center.

  • Rock Mountain High School right inside the community.

  • Paramount Elementary School right inside the community.

  • Heritage Middle School just across the street from the community.

  • Shopping center and restaurants near by.


Again, these are just a few of the nice amenities of this great community.  If you are looking for a new home, please drive through Paramount Subdivision.  You will definitely see and feel what an awesome community this is.  While you are there, please feel free to visit us at our model home  to learn more about this amazing community and see the lots that we have available on which to build your new home.  The address of our model home is 6055 W. Channing Way, Meridian, ID 83646.

As always, thank you for visiting our blog!  If you would like to learn more about your Preferred Boise Idaho New Home Builder, Hallmark Homes, and see what homes and lots we currently have available, you can contact us directly and/or visit our website at

The “Sedona” Model by Boise Idaho New Home Builder, Hallmark Homes

The “Sedona” Model by Boise Idaho New Home Builder, Hallmark Homes

Along with the Hallmark model that we described in our last blog post, another one of our top selling homes is our Sedona plan. We have built several variations of this plan over the last few years. Read about some of the highlights and cool features of this home below.

Great Room

This home has a large, open great room that is ideal for entertaining or for just keeping the family together. Those working in the kitchen won’t feel excluded from the conversation, movie or big game going on in the family room.







A unique feature of the Sedona floor plan is that along with the 3 bedrooms, including the master, on the main level there are up to 3 additional bedrooms upstairs. These 3 upstairs rooms are very large and can be used as bedrooms, a play room, theater room, exercise room, etc.




Work center/Home office

Another cool feature in the Sedona model is the work center/home office. This is a separate room, in addition to all of the bedrooms. It is located right off the great room and is perfect for working on paying bills or for keeping an eye on the kids while they are doing their homework or surfing the internet.



There are a lot of other really cool standard features in the Sedona model such as walk-in shower in the master bathroom, USB charging stations, lots of custom woodwork, natural gas bbq stub out, mud room with lots of storage, etc. The best way to see all of these features is to visit one of our staged model homes in Paramount Subdivision in Meridian Idaho. If you are unable to visit our model homes, we’ve included a link to a video tour of this model below:

Video Tour

You can also see more photos and the floor plan here:


This was just a short description of one of the many fine homes that are currently available by your Preferred Boise, Idaho Home Builder, Hallmark Homes. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please visit us at

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The “Hallmark” Model by Boise Idaho New Home Builder, Hallmark Homes

The “Hallmark” Model by Boise Idaho New Home Builder, Hallmark Homes

Our most popular model over the last couple of years has been, by far, our “Hallmark” model.  We designed this single level home with many design features that we felt were important in a new home including the following:

Welcoming Covered Courtyard

We wanted a front courtyard that could be used year round, including the sometimes cold and wet Idaho winters.  We designed a large courtyard that is completely covered to give protection from wind and rain.  We also designed into this courtyard the optional fireplace which gives the courtyard a warm, “in home” feeling.  This courtyard truly extends your living space to the outdoors.  It can be used for anything from relaxing and reading a book to watching tv, or even just chillin’ in a hammock.

dreyfuss entryway 2 [1024x768]



dreyfuss entryway 1 [1024x768]


Large Great Room

The “Hallmark” was designed with a large great room that is perfect for gatherings with family and friends.  The custom built bookshelves, large fireplace and 11’ ceilings make this room comfortable and inviting!



peppard kitchen 3




Flex Room

The “Hallmark” has 3 large bedrooms, but we wanted to design a 4th room that could be used as a 4th bedroom, a large home office, TV room, craft room, exercise room, etc.  We call this the “flex room”.



 Work Center

One of my favorite things in this home is the work center.  This is a small area that can be used as a small office, computer desk, and/or homework area for the kids.  It’s got plenty of desk space and storage but takes up a very small area of the home.

peppard office nook


peppard office nook 1


Large Covered Back Patio

Lastly, we wanted to create a nice back yard with a large covered patio.  We also include a BBQ natural gas stub out on every patio so that there will be no more trips to fill or exchange the propane tank!



See a video tour of this home at: 

These are just some of the highlights of our “Hallmark” model.  We have many other available homes with unique features that you can view on our website at or view in person at our staged models in Paramount Subdivision in Meridian, Idaho.  Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about your preferred Boise, Idaho new home builder.

High Quality AMSCO Windows used by Boise Idaho builder, Hallmark Homes

High Quality AMSCO Windows used by Boise Idaho builder, Hallmark Homes

At Hallmark Homes, building a high quality, energy efficient home is very important to us.  There are many aspects to building a highly energy efficient home and we’ll cover these different aspects through different blogs posts in the upcoming weeks.  The first area that we will cover today though are windows.

Up to 1/3 of your homes total heat loss can occur through windows and doors.  We can significantly reduce this heat loss by using the proper, high quality windows.  At Hallmark Homes, we make sure that every home we build is equipped with high efficient, Low-E windows by AMSCO.

What are Low-E windows?

Low-emissive (Low-E) glass is window glass that has been treated with an invisible metal or metallic oxide coating, creating a surface that reflects heat, while allowing light to pass through. Windows treated with Low-E coatings are proven to reduce energy consumption, decrease fading of fabrics, such as window treatments, and increase overall comfort in your home.

The heat that passes through your window glass is measured by the U-factor or ultraviolet light. The lower the U-factor the more energy-efficient your glass is. This type of light is produced by the sun and generates heat in your home. Too much of this heat, especially during summer, can cause your air conditioning bill to go up in an effort to keep your house cool. Low-E glass reduces the amount of ultraviolet light that enters your home, without blocking visible light.

Conversely, in winter, Low-E glass reduces the amount of heat lost through your windows from the inside of your home, keeping heating costs down. Depending on your home’s heating and cooling needs, various types of Low-E glass have been developed to allow for high, medium or low solar gain.[1]

What is Low E Glass  


At Hallmark Homes, We Use AMSCO Studio Series Windows

AMSCO has been building high quality windows for over 60 years.  Their Studio Series windows meets Hallmark Homes’ higher expectations for appearance, strength, energy efficiency and durability.

Inside the Studio Series[2]

Smooth Look

No unsightly exterior or interior accessory grooves on the window to interfere with the clean appearance.

Interlocking Panels

Interlocking panels and high-performance weather stripping provide increased protection against wind and water.

Metal-Reinforced Meeting Rail

Provides the window with added strength.

Optional Flush Fin

Available on all window styles, the flush fin makes for easy installation in retrofit applications.

Integral Nail Fin

A standard integral nail fin with 1 inch or 1 3/8 inch set-back for new construction.

Sturdy 3 Inch Frame Depth

Large 3″ frame width works well for both new construction and retrofit applications

Multiple Hollow Chambers

Strategically placed chambers provide greater insulation and strength to the window.

Fusion-Welded and Mitered Corners

Adds strength and improves protection against air leakage.

Insulated Glass

A 3/4 inch insulating unit includes a warm-edge spacer for increased resistance to heat transfer and sweating.

Nylon Rollers

Adjustable, tandem nylon rollers provide a smooth, easy operation. Available on the horizontal slider model only.

Large Combinations

Large window combinations in a continuous frame for better performance.

Custom Sizing

All windows can be custom-ordered to the nearest 1/8 inch to fit any architectural design or custom window.


More Information

For more information on AMSCO Windows and/or Hallmark Homes, your Preferred Boise, Idaho Home Builder, you can visit and  You can also view these windows in our model home and current available inventory in Paramount Subdivision in Meridian ID.  Be sure to Like and follow us on Facebook so that you can receive notices on our upcoming blog posts and other new and exciting news from Hallmark Homes.




Latest in Technology Trends Used by Boise Custom Home Builder

At Hallmark Homes, we are committed to staying on top of, and implementing many of the new technology trends in new home construction as they come to market.  Here are several of those trends that we have already implemented into some of our homes.

  1. USB Outlets

  2. Nest Learning Thermostat

  3. Phillip Hue Personal Wireless Lighting

  4. Sonos Wireless HiFi System

USB Outlets

USB outlet 

With all of the new personal smart devices that we all own today, from smart phones and tablet computers to Gameboys and Bluetooth headphones, having a dedicated outlet or outlets to charge these devices is paramount.  At Hallmark Homes, we are starting to put charging centers with USB outlets in all of our homes.  It helps keep all of your charging cords and devices in a neat, organized manner.


Nest Learning Thermostat


We love the Nest!  We offer it as an option in all of our new homes.  The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself and automatically helps save energy when you’re away.  And you can control it anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Phillips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting

Phillips Hue 

Create your personal wireless lighting environment with the Philips Hue connected bulbs and wireless bridge. And control it all with your iPhone or iPad from wherever you are. You can connect up to 50 Hue light bulbs to a single system, while using as much as 80% less energy than traditional bulbs. Each Hue light bulb delivers 600 lumens and produces all shades of white, from warm to cold, and a wide variety of color. Each bulb uses 80% less power than a traditional light bulb. We currently have the Phillips Hue personal wireless lighting system in our model home at 6055 N. Channing Way, Meridian, ID 83646.  It’s a lot of fun to play with and can create some cool lighting and different moods.  Come visit us at our model home and check it out!


Sonos Wireless HiFi System  


These are great too!  Both Brandon and I have this system in our personal homes.  Sonos is a system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components. It unites your digital music collection in one app that you control from any device. Play what you want in every room over a dedicated wireless network.  You can listen to music from your digital library in one room while listening to music from Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, etc. in another room, and still watch a movie with the Sonos soundbar in yet another room.  You can expand it to every room in your new home.  Controlling it all from the Sonos app on any of your smart devices is extremely easy.


As always, feel free to visit our website at to get more ideas, and to view our current new home inventory by Hallmark Homes.  You can also visit us at our model home in Paramount Subdivision.  The address is 6055 N. Channing Way, Meridian ID 83545.  Be sure to Like and follow us on Facebook.  Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about your preferred Boise home builder.